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Bangunan terjelek di dunia (2)

Monstrosities, eyesores, nightmares of architecture — call them what you like, ugly buildings are sadly all around us.

And you cannot simply define one category of hideous architecture. There is ugly, and then there is Ugly.

The latter often open in controversial circumstances: There may be protests from local residents, and there can even be calls to knock them down. Yes, these are the world’s ugliest buildings. ” –

Inilah bangunan terjelek di dunia versi

Millenium Dome, London

Millenium Dome

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Ryugyong Hotel, Pyongyang

 Ryugyong Hotel

Experience Music Project, Seattle

Experience Music Project

Birmingham Bullring

 Birmingham Bullring

Barbican Centre, London

 Barbican Centre

Buckingham Palace, London

Buckingham Palace 

Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

 Scottish Parliament (Holyrood)

Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest

Palace of the Parliament

Denver Public Library

 Denver Public Library

Apakah Indonesia punya bangunan yang bentuknya aneh?


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